2008: woes

1. We're on "a budget". Come to find out, this means spend no money. I had taken it for make a budget and follow it. For example, if I spend $70 out of $100 for groceries, I get $30. Not so. I'm $9.99 (facial care product) out of bounds and it's only been a week. (Don't write to tell me, "There's tax on that." I know!)

2. My ISP malfunctioned twice this week. Not in my plan for the year, never mind the seven days.

3. Two freezes already. Meaning my plants fail to thrive (stone cold dead).

4. My complexion does not impress me. In other words, for a grown woman, my skin continues to mottle instead of clear. (Hence, budget overdraft...that's my story, anyway.)

5. ABC Financial. How many ways can you spell 'hatechew'?

blog katherine sandoz hard times chili.jpg

At least we have chili seasoning. I guess. This child bathes in a zinc tub. He thinks that's hard times. It's not as if I didn't "wash" in one for the first twelve years of my sorry life. Without electric light (but I guess that goes without sayin').