art scams: please don't send a check

these "surprise gift of art to wife + moving to the philippines" art scams are so lame. you'd think the architects could be more convincing. also, they could be less repetitive and use punctuation properly! are they bots? their editorial statements are hilarious > #worthit #goodstuff #nodontsendacheck

(as delivered, after i provided a link for purchase)

So I'm trying to gather some good
stuff to make this event a surprise one. I am buying the art work of
$2,800 as a gifts to her.I'm okay with the price, I think it's worth
anyway, so I'll be sending a check.
(bermuda studies) banyans, 10" x 10", water-based media on panel, 2016-2017   

(bermuda studies) banyans, 10" x 10", water-based media on panel, 2016-2017


art broker as relationship specialist

Why are art dealer/brokers such connoisseurs of human relationships?

They tend to be highly sensitive people, often with very particular threads of interest. They spend their time canvassing the world and its objects for more information to support their own theories revolving about their chosen subject or subjects. Because art so often employs storytelling - or its making does - art brokers can match people with art and objects. The best ones do this with a passion equal only to the that of the object's maker. This informs them when they consult or advise in matters of art or the heart*.

If you find yourself unable to find a gift, symbol or presentation of your profound and unconditional or unconventional love for someone, find an art broker.  They see the past, present and future with a lens focused on beauty, love and expressions of all materials and manners.

katherine sandoz (sufa15) wip, 36" x 36", wbm on panel, 2015 -

katherine sandoz (sufa15) wip, 36" x 36", wbm on panel, 2015 -


If ever a summer had one, 2008: fish! 2007: jedi 2006: cupcakes 2005: the porch 2004: house painting 2003: landscaping the "hill" 2002: the "pit" 2001: SCAD (all day, all night) 2000: metropole 1999: 123 east jones 1998: ye olde towne

Today Horace turns 43. We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary (that's leather) last week (and ten years "dating" next week).

This is the present David and I made....antique (like Dan) fishing lures....still perfectly good.

blog katherine sandoz fishing lures.jpg

fish story

My husband caught a bunch of fish Sunday. My son helped him clean the catch and I guess there were some little fishies left in the well. David picked one up, live, and tried to eat it. His father told him, "Fishy yucky, David." Outdoors, the temperature read three digits (hot!) as Dan fried the dinner. Upon serving, David refused his.

"Fishy yucky, Dada."

blog katherine sandoz stinky fish.jpg

bait between apalachicola & st. george island july 2008