strategy: zoomorphism +

Illustrators, among others, try to avoid it by using several "tools". Here's "explanation". Metaphor/Simile: You're as docile (or woolly?) as a lamb. Which one is it? Metaphor = Equate. Simile = Like or as.

Juxtapose: I hate this word, but, you know. Next to. As in I draw you next to, or place you atop of a lamb.

Visual pun: In the shape of a lamb?

Repetition: As in, many lambs accompany you.

Skew: It's odd (somehow) so you see that you're related (or differently) to a lamb.

Allusion: I lift (steal) from an image, story or idea that is known. I didn't do this to my knowledge (but have before).

Isolate: I separate colors, or shapes or textures (or other elements) so you know what I mean.

Scale change: One thing is smaller or bigger than the other. As in, I make your lamb ears so large, or your skin so hairy, you can't avoid noticing.

Compare/contrast: Things are the same, or different. As in, you're soft or woolly or, conversely, not looking like a lamb.

Paradox: A man is not a lamb, is he?

Personify: I give attributes of a human, or represent as a human, not an animal. And in that vein...

Anthropomorphism: Duh, but can extend to inanimate objects or phenomena.

Metamorphosis: As in, I turn you into a lamb.

***** But you are ONE. And are loved (extraordinarily). You, Mr. Albert Lamb.


strategy: personification + anthropomorphism

An object, place, the weather - anything that is not a person - takes on the attributes of a human being.  To personify:  give abstract ideas like the weather and seasons human attributes.  To anthropomorph:  give human attributes to non-human entities.

In the illustration below, the tree takes on the behavior of a beau and nuzzles the lady surrounded by a grove of other, less realized tea olives.


"love in the time of tea olives,"  originally published for salted & styled, 2013.

what is a thumbnail sketch?

The difference between a thumbnail and a sketch is that the thumbnail is bound by the orientation and proportions outlined by the project or art director.  

It is a small, thumbnail size-ish drawing that tells two things:  the basic composition and the basic concept of the image.  A good art director will tell you, “I want three compositions for this concept,” or “I want three concepts for this scenario.” That should prompt you to draw one concept three ways, or draw three concepts one way.


This here's a thumbnail for a potential image for the 2017 book of short stories titled "The Man Who Shot Out My Eye Is Dead." by Chanelle Benz.  I like one-eye stories and folks whose names end in "Z", so even though I haven't read the book, I can speculate.(Eye joke!)

Specs:  The image is squarish - or so the thumbnail indicates.  Someone is standing in front of a shooting range.  They appear to have a shot out, or, at least, a very dark eye.  He or she is holding an urn.  Draw conclusions. 

Facts:  The flower on the urn is a stinking corpse flower!  It grows the largest individual bloom in the world, larger than 3 children, and smells like a rotting body!  The shape of the shot-out eye person is similar to the target silhouettes.  The shot out eye and the stinking corpse flowers shapes are also similar. Alice Walker, who I used as my hair model for this piece,  is a one-eyed wonder.  This comparing and contrasting of shapes and relationships is also a strategy for making strong or stronger concepts (see concept vs. idea) and visual communication.  

Fun things:  Give the AD something to worry about so they don’t harp about your drawing skills or lackadaisical visual strategizing:  Why does he/she wear a Frenchy-like striped shirt?  What does that have to do with anything?  What is the subject a he or a she?  Are all shooting ranges found in the desert? 

"OCTOBER" at Location Gallery with Laney Contemporary

I am pleased to present a new series of works titled "OCTOBER" that exhibits at Location Gallery in tandem with Laney Contemporary at 417 Whitaker Street at Austin Hill Realty in Savannah, Georgia through October 27th.

Conceived the week that Hurricane Matthew struck Savannah with gallery director Peter Roberts, and developed over the last year, the latest series, “October", includes paintings, textiles and a wall installation.

New works feature the landscapes and botanicals that thrive regionally in October. Within the layers of paint, I've folded concepts from traditions and religions that have been historically practiced at the time of the harvest moon and in the month of October.

Come celebrate the veil of nature’s small and large forces and explore its color, mystery and power.

(october) big leaf magnolia, 40" x 40", water-based media on canvas, 2016-2017. 

(october) big leaf magnolia, 40" x 40", water-based media on canvas, 2016-2017. 

Gallery profits from sales are donated to A-Town Get Down Festival which supports music and arts creative programming nationally throughout the year.

Complimentary seasonal beverages were artfully crafted on opening night by The 1970.



laney contemporary grand opening

I am pleased to be one of the artists whose work is included among those featured on Thursday, September 28th at the GRAND opening of Laney Contemporary.

6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

1810 Mills B Lane Blvd
Savannah, Georgia 31405

(october) moonflowers, 40" x 40",  water-based media on canvas, 2017 available now at Laney Contemporary.

(october) moonflowers, 40" x 40",  water-based media on canvas, 2017 available now at Laney Contemporary.

The grand opening features works by acclaimed contemporary artists Katherine Sandoz, Betsy Cain, Marcus Kenney, Todd Schroeder, Pamela Wiley, Stephanie Howard, and Will Penny, in addition to showcasing select photographs by Jack Leigh. 

Many of the featured artists will attend the opening, and Penny will create a site-specific, video projection mapping installation in the green space in front of the gallery that will begin at 7:30. Refreshments will be served, and Big Bon Pizza’s mobile wood fired pizza will be available for purchase from 6:30 to 9 p.m. (or sold out).

*Parking is available, but limited.
Please consider carpooling or taking Uber or Lyft.

art scams: please don't send a check

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(bermuda studies) banyans, 10" x 10", water-based media on panel, 2016-2017   

(bermuda studies) banyans, 10" x 10", water-based media on panel, 2016-2017