yes, david (shannon)!

I'm sitting in the front row at the May Poetter Gallery listening to Dave Shannon talk about my favorite subjects:  illustration, painting, storytelling, kids, people and incidental (but important) observations. I've been in this library office gallery hall before, but it is transformed. Aren't we all?   But then the more we change, the more we are the same, so they say.

Shannon is no exception: he's still for pirates, baseball and fishing along with a trove of other quotidien-but-not-mundane wonders. He finds new and efficacious ways with each new project to tell stories and to let them be discovered in pictures and in paint.  And he is as patient as he is hard-working; he waits for the ball to come to him, guessing, but he's practiced hitting home runs a LOT.

Then I'm thinking, "Who is more important an influence in my life:  Jane Fonda (she's up there!) or Dave Shannon?"  Could write a thesis here;  but the study of Shannon's drawing, point of view and painting helped me early on (especially) and his work has been important to my children, and therefore my family, as first time readers and, in general, as thinkers.

But, all that aside and about a million other important connections and pieces of history, to hear Shannon speak, and to draw him while he made us laugh, pure joy.   Love the twinkle in this man's eyes and that his shirt sleeves fall over his hands when he gestures.

"Life is so full at SCAD.  You are so lucky," he says at the start of his talk.  We are so lucky and doubly so to have been in the audience of this excellent storyteller, artist and fisherman.