wonder women

This year, I had the best birthday ever. To thank all the individuals - and in place of hand-written notes -  who made it so, I've coordinated the making of a custom costume that honors the recent made-of-brass works of Meredith Anne Sutton.  Sutton led (with her typical style, persistence and perfection) the campaign to make this year's surprise birthday super-hero-esque.

To DHB, WPD, FE, IKF, LPF, MDH, KI, SO, SAL, GR, KR, CS, ES, STS, MAS, LAT, LJT, AVG, EW;  you're not all women, but you all make life wonderful.

photo:  andrew sherman, make up:  jessica duthu, jewelry:  meredith anne sutton, costume fabric & construction: margaret baggott, costume design:  sofia vizcaino & katherine sandoz, project consultant:  lisa parker fort