"who's who" & who is NOT

Here's my response to a recent request from this company. Urg! Dear J.M. Blakely,

While I would like to be honored for my achievements (and there are a few), I feel badly that YOU do not know what they are. It seems to me that if I were truly distinguished, you might have filled in (on my form) my name and industry AT LEAST. If (since) you’re the veep of research, you could even find my address and personal specialty in a quick minute.

Additionally, on the registration form, you also ask how I received my invitation. You would know, am I not correct?

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of invitation I’d like to accept given that you seem to know so little about me. I wish I felt that you were truly honoring me for something I've done instead of making me feel like I’m a part of a cattle call. Isn’t there enough of that going on these days?

If I were you – meaning, had I your job - I’d distinguish your invitations for your distinguished professionals.

With disappointment, Katherine Sandoz

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