what would emily think?

In a meeting my sister recently attended, someone wanted to "reek the benefits." In Savannah, at a restaurant (public), at night, a woman wore a bronze metallic hat three heads higher than anyone else. My friend suggested that this hat wearer would not "make it through airport security" and "might be pissed."

All of this forced me to refer to Ms. Post and any advice she offers. Turns out that women don't (shouldn't) really wear hats with evening wear, unless a ball cap in a fast food joint, or due to a "religious custom."

I'm left to wonder. Monday could be a church night, but no other in her party of eight behatted themselves and hers was not "unisex" in nature (like ball caps).

And her earrings, and brooch and shoes...also bronze and metallic. In other words, she more than "went," she matched.

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