what to do

Two people I know (BK & RB) love lists (I think) as much as I do. I'm sure more folks do, however, in this case, one designs lists, and one (en)lists envelopes...both very inspiring to me. Mostlywise, I don't care where or how my "to do's" appear, but I have, in the last week, after a couple of years, decided that I should change my categories (of to do's) that I have been using. You know, 'cause I'm not doing.

My one teacher, Albert Lamb, taught me about the kind I use now. You must knock off a bit of each section you've assigned yourself each day.

painting marketing/correspondence exercise house outside 25 (throw away game)

I'm seriously considering switching to

painting house read to David read to myself (this one's hilarious, but noble) outside 15 (but with a vengeance)

Who needs exercise or marketing?

And I may not change. Things could work out any day now.