what lecture?

We went to hear "a conversation" with Robert Hughes last night at Trustee's Theatre. An Australian "ex pat", he's made himself very well known by writing a number of books, narrating and coordinating a number of television shows and by acting as an art critic (especially for TIME). He swore a lot, and threw out his opinions very efficiently, but also talked about why we look to art at all, especially to art of the past. He strongly disses looking to the future, because it has not happened, and talked a good deal about the insecurities of artists. The way he speaks, in addition to swallowing many words, made it difficult for me to catch the whole gist, but basically, I may become a closet organizer in the near future.

Also, great mystery, he mentioned that "x" should be considered a much better artist than Pollock and nobody I spoke to could hear "x's" name, but after some phone calls, I now know, the answer is Morandi (this should be shocking, I guess, as in "Shock of the New", but I'm pretty sure it's just an opinion).

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