what is your shopping legacy?

On the heels of yesterday's thanks giving, today we shop.  What will be your shopping legacy?  Will you buy things or experiences?  Some combination? Trying to buy for "forever" is a good guideline.  Experiences are forever, so travel, visiting and eating adventurously could be on the list.  You can treasure these but you can't hold them.  But you know that your money is well-invested.

What gives experientially and permanently?  Art.  I use the term "art" loosely.  On the far end of the spectrum, I see paintings, objets and jewelry.  On the low-end - at least mine - I see shoes.  A reach, but if you tread lightly?

My husband agrees on the art and jewelry department, deletes the shoe column and adds "weapons".  I can't deny him.  They are made by craftspeople, some of them fine artists.  Many are one of a kind and represent time, place and history.

We both agree that no one is too young to begin collecting for "forever".  And you can start a collection for a loved one to be given on their 21st, wedding, 40th - you decide.  Works on paper?  Floral works of all media?  Works centering on the outdoor life?  Sort any way:  engraving, southern, portraiture, dogs (Keanu Reeve's art collection - random choice, but my work happens to be in the collection, so there you go ), mid-century, green, etc.

With these thoughts in mind, and in my effort to start 2013 with a very clean slate, I am offering all works, subjects and media at 1/2 off on my boutique until December 15th, 2012.  After the new year, all new work on the boutique!

Happy collecting!