wesley verhoeve

Everybody talks about Wesley Verhoeve and his way with the babies.  Well, he had his way with my entire family the other day.  He swiftly took Horace at "sir".  Hambone, decidedly off the nipple and years out of diapers, called him "family" within an hour.  Even I, loathe to be anywhere but behind the camera, felt somewhat akin to these wee ones to whom Wesley is whisperer. A traveling man who "dreams of the south", he graciously and enthusiastically participated in every activity we offered. This included an unplanned "family" bloodletting on a barnacle encrusted dock ladder post river swim.

Best part?  Verhoeve truly does make "beautiful things" and writes assiduously about our people, place and time.

Check out his plan to charm the rest of the country.

Lane Huerta, principal and creative mastermind at lovelane designs.   Don't miss Hambone's sweet face on her great-looking site!