welcome home

My people fell ill today. Dan having a time of it with some food poisoning? David cutting a front tooth. Update on "to do"

pool: Not gonna happen; change in priorities. relearn to swing axe: Spent a weekend working on this. Blamed tool for degree of "success". gallery new orleans: The one I wanted closed. More later. more tennessee cobblestone: Did that. one mailer for illustration: Please hold. garden flowers (color!) + vegies: Vegies in although Boris wrestled a number of the vegies to their death and I see cutworms on the tomatoes. Flowers beginning to bloom. grant mhc (apply, at least): Applied and denied. write illustrate send out “henhouse”: Couple a drawings finished. trip nyc: Did that. solo trip (italy?): I think my solo trip just happened. david (!?): Yes!? finish studio: Six plus months left. studio “opening”: See above. march exhibition: April group show. June group show (2). September solo show. November possible.

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