we (heart) new york (no. 4)

Annie, David and I visited the Cathedral of St. John the Divine which is very near to Annie's apartment. This cathedral claims to be the largest in the world. I always believed that St. Peter's Basilica owned the rights to that one. Well, it's too large according to some reports and around the web many sites discuss what buildings may boast the greatest size. Please consider footprint, mass and volume or weight. But never mind, because I think it may be important to know what woman (from left to right, MLK Junior, Einstein, X and Ghandi) finds herself in the company of many men among the statuettes within the cathedral. The contemporary (I'm guessing, cause not classical or neoclassical) artist sculpted breasts, but she (the woman) looks birdish and doesn't appear to be Mother Theresa. Who are we forgetting?

blog more great minds.jpg

Doesn't Ghandi's staff double as a middle finger kinda? Anyway, I saw only this contemporary looking statue and it may have been the only one with four figures. The cathedral art historian was not handy, nor was the very expert duster person (Annie and I ran fingers in a number of possibly dusty areas and they were clean!) so our questions remain unanswered.