we hear you, georgia! ten year anniversary

Ten year's ago tonight, the illustration department and SCAD, led by Traci Haymans, celebrated at Red Gallery a multi-media exhibit that was the culmination of a collaborative partnership with The Georgia Music Hall of Fame.  The B52s played at the Trustee's Theatre. These photos were shot possibly on film and printed!  We did not Instagram during the evening. Dark ages? We did call Traci from the Trustee's so that she could listen to the music!

Many pictured below are part of what I have always called  "the honey class" (graduated 2005). They continue to inspire, amaze and delight and had and have tremendous skills and verve for life.

(top to bottom, left, then right)  paula s. wallace | lori judge & kds | dana jo cooley, kds & heather youngrobbi behrthomas cookmohamed danawi | kds, nic rad, amy lind & ben ward | ben ward | dana jo cooley in her "love shack"