wanted: fibers guru (professor)

Darn! SCAD has a ton up its sleeve right now. Sewing up renovations and installation, the college re-opens it's museum next week; super exciting for students, staff, faculty and for all of us who live in the city. The SCAD Film Festival, needing little introduction, offers a quilt of all day lectures, shorts and feature films. Visitors are flocking in. And I just heard of an open (full-time) faculty position in the fibers department. I wish I were qualified. If you have an inkling to work in facilities that reflect an appreciation for makers and art, want to interface, learn from and be inspired by some of the most motivated and sparkly students and you're inclined to share all you know, my notion is, "APPLY."

I've spent the past 15 years - either studying or teaching with SCAD and I believe the fibers team cultivates some of the most unique, skilled and clever artists/makers. The department weaves a groovy, supportive, industrious and multi-disciplinary culture.

MAJOR, major accessory: you have the privilege of doing it all with Professor Pamela Wiley - brilliant! funny! stylish! And one of my favorite "true" artists in the whole wide world.


(making our mark) "pamela wiley" 5" x 5" water-based media on panel 2003