waiting room rage

I am furious about the fact that I had to sit in two waiting rooms for a total of one hour and forty minutes today (it also took me 40 minutes in travel time, and 15 minutes to fill out paper work). You do the math. I just don't understand why my time isn't important to doctors. What's the point of having an appointment? SO disrespectful; the first excuse given, "The doctor lost his stethoscope!" Hello! How many are there in the joint? Then the nurses gave me the "ten more minutes" thing, three times!

When I got up to leave (and get my money back), they said he had an emergency "at the hospital or something". Was it the something, as in the missing stethoscope???????

Here's the link to the Southcoast Medical Group so you won't experience this modern method of torture.

At least I got some drawing done. Lordy!

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