w. family in progress

These three children are all eyelashes which are incredibly dark and lush especially when realizing the lightness of the hair on their heads. At this stage, the underpainting shows and consists of a series of glazes (cross complimentary weaves and such) to produce the color that you see. Next step: add the oil paints using glazes as well as heavier passages in order to build more body on the surface. The value contrast will increase as will the chroma contrast (although this could be dropped if desired). (e least developed, g & j closer)

Big question remains the background colors. We planned to use flat saturated color, but I wonder if a desaturated almost white (but still tinted) color might suit better????

E, please pick apart the images and make any suggestions (and I hope your husband isn't a blog reader).

dec06 wilsone in progress.jpg


dec06 wilsong in progress.jpg