upcoming events

I'm super pleased to be showing at the following two events in my favorite state and original colony - Georgia! Westobou Festival, Augusta, October 1 - 5, 2014.  I heard that Amos Lee feels he is super psyched to be working an event along with so many talented and hard-working SCAD-trained artists.

Susan Laney of Laney Contemporary curates this exhibition housed in the old Academy of Richmond County.  The south's first high school of its kind and the fifth in the country, this stunner of a piece of architecture and history put me in a full swoon sight unseen. Sealed deal upon entry.  I will be showing paintings, fibers works and install a mixed media botanical piece.

The panel and reception for the visuals happens on October 3rd.  Amos plays after us.

And straight into the second week of October...

"tahoe hybrids" travels to SCAD Atlanta, October 6-December 19, 2014, reception and location TBD.