true love presents

If you love someone a bunch and you want to give them something, you have a kabillion choices.  The most luxurious gifts represent time: 1.  in duration:  they were a feat to make by you or by someone else

2.  in place:  they illustrate location, cultural more, event, movement, etc.

3.  literally:  "hello" babysitting, weeding, organizing, car-washing, teaching/coaching, collecting stones*

4.  they're forever:  which means the item is not only a gift to them, but to someone in their future

This season, I'm gifting only local and/or hand-made/upcycled specials.  Feeling great about it and having fun with the limitation which isn't really one at all.  Folks should buy their own electronics.  You might offer them the luxuries.

Of course, original art fits into these categories and today is the perfect day to find the perfect piece for your best boy or best girl.  My "clean slate" offer continues until December 15th, 2012 at midnight on my boutique!

"lace sea stones" by kara firstenberger, available at shopscad online and for real.

I put a serious dent in shopSCAD's inventory of these a couple of weeks ago.  I love them because the work represents the artist - obviously - but also her husband;  his hobby takes him to beaches all over the world and he brings these substrates home to her each time he returns*.  The "lace sea stones" say "time" in every fashion....and romance!