troy wandzel: palette

This "painting" has served as Wandzel's studio palette for the past ten years. Built in wood by the former mid-westerner, the work is not for sale. Though, rumor is, he's done with this one and may be migrating to a glass palette.

Too bad, it's a great representation of work, time, place and the sustained efforts of an artist. It may be one of his most important "journals". He has several methods of documenting and cataloging to include a photographic series of studio details and a possibly seasonal (there's some method in the madness) photographic self-portrait series. This might be the king of them all though since every layer in the palette represents every portrait and/or work Troy has painted in the last decade.

I don't know the number, but I'll hazard a guess: 2,080.


Troy Wandzel "palette" 36" x 36" oil on heavy wood substrate