I'm so not afraid of today. To illustrate, first thing, I traveled to the "not right" Kroger, with my son, and grocery shopped....prior to 8 a.m. I read some of a new book (it's a real page turner) and a couple of "boks".

David and I visited Pace and Graydon at "the landing" where we swam under water, played water basketball, slid on the water slide and played tag in the kiddie pool. We ordered lunch from the grill (at the pool), apparently run by Eastern European teenagers.

Following more bok time, and some laundry folding, David and I napped (tough day) until Horace arrived to take us to the beach. Can you believe it?

On the beach, I accosted strangers in order to take reference shots for a new much easier than you would think; taking photos, not the project, duh!.

blog katherine sandoz friday 13th.jpg

As an aside, Dan and I play a stupid game, when in public, wherein we say we have seen a celebrity. For example, one might call "Willie Nelson", which requires only a slight resemblance. Desperation may allow a handkerchief tied just so to qualify for Nelsonesque.

Tonight we saw Eddie Murphy (sounded and looked "just like Eddie"). Oh, and Queen Latifah (for height, hat and singing jazz standards at the North Beach Grill).