David and I drove to Ardsley Park to visit a real park today. David knows his way around a swing, but slides! He ate a lot of wood chips, kissed Helen Estelle and Bethe (pronounced Behtah) and tried to kiss Ikeda, plus used the slide and watched all the kids. I saw more people who I knew in 10 minutes than I have ALL YEAR LONG. blog horace.jpg

On the homefront, I've been on a cooking binge lately. True. Dan says it's on account of our "rekindled romance."

More on that as I see evidence.

Regarding food, Peggy volunteered to prepare meals (and more) for the research types atop Mount Washington known for its strenuous weather. Right now; stuck and snowed in.

I wonder what they ate for supper? Check out the site, the photo journal...note that they can't even give us the condition data because it's so durn wicked right now.