trashy tastebuds drive woman to health food store

In addition to raisin toast (& scrambled eggs), I'm currently interested in biscuits (and scones). I have to admit I like the fast-food-chicken-place ones and not just a little bit. In fact, the lower-brow, the better. I'd recently been served some freezer biscuits (the grocery store freezer, that is) that I really loved. They were very white.

In any case, this morning, after cooking three separate recipes, I had not arrived at fluffy, white and trashy enough. It may have to do with the fat part, I'm guessing. Today I tried butter, heavy cream and vegetable oil. Not together.

This afternoon I broke down and bought the Crisco (without remorse).

But maybe it's not worth baking your own if you resort to buying crystallized oil? And now that I think about it, I need to find the organic coconut oil. A trip to the Brighter Day? Really?

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