Today we spent visiting the Hampton Island preserve where Dan and his company have been working for the better part (less hot anyway) of the year.Viewed the horse barn made fully of reclaimed wood, has a "bouncy" floor, actually.... everything is fine-fine, and of course, beautiful horses.

Lunch took place at the organic farm which was sandwiched by a nature center (David played with turtles, pigs, a python, a baby deer, a "big one" deer and some rodent type animals) and a indoor/outdoor spa (treatments made using herbs and plant things from the garden....not the castor beans, I guess). It's run in part by a very nice man named "Farmer D" who answered every question we (er, I?) had, cut lemon cucumbers for us and used his knife in a manner that is so common to real farmers (duh), fishermen and my husband.

Off to see ponds, guest "cottages" and air "field" which is actually a lake; underwater lights serve as the landing strip.

We also "chipped" at the golf course. I had never swung a golf club in my life, not even putt putt I don't think, but my ball (or whatever it is) landed closest to the flag among those in my group. I won a vest though I thought I was swinging for a "cottage", my favorite being the "Butterfly Cottage".

While we traveled in the bus seeing the sights, David rode ponies, made crafts, got very dirty and finally, took a "fractor" ride to meet us at "the shed" where we ate a low country boil, chatted with folks and eventually allowed ourselves to feel the heat that had been on us all along.

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