arrival: 1996 say: toh-bee-yah MACK-OH-VER

acting as: photographer, mixed media artist, archival printing services COO

savannah highlight/s: Laney Contemporary features "Midway" opening at Oglethorpe Gallery November 17, 2011, 6 - 9 p.m.

career highlight/s: London National Portrait Gallery, Les Ateliers de L’image in St. Remy, France, PH-Neutro in Verona, Italy

themes: physicality of existence, birth, death, place in history

bio: Makover runs two businesses out of her self-designed and built studio in Kensington. A distinguished and active member of Kobo Gallery, she exhibits nationally and internationally while living in Savannah with her husband and two young boys. Working primarily as a photographer and mixed-media artist, Tobia styles with panache every project, place or event she meets.

statement: "In all bodies of work and in life, Tobia contemplates the physicality of our existence. She questions the importance of our being and the impact of our time here while she examines the tension between holding on and the desire to let go."


Tobia builds suggestions and stories with photographs. Her vision, command of composition and studied manipulation of formal aspects renders her work as much painting as photograph. While a technical master of the camera, it is in the carefully planned, executed, and designed tableaux - that happen to be distinctly beautiful - that this Savannah artist performs unique, haunt-ing/ed and meaningful songs.


savannah artist: tobia makover series: midway title: shroud size: 36" x 36" media: encaustic photography date: 2011