to wonalancet

POINTS SOUTH I-95 N toward N.H. / MAINE 38.3 miles Take the US-4 / RT-16 /SPAULDING TPKE exit EXIT 4- on the LEFT toward N.H. LAKES / WHITE MTS.. 1.6 miles Merge onto NH-16 N. 59.7 miles Turn LEFT onto NH-25 / OSSIPEE MOUNTAIN HWY. Follow NH-25, 3.6 mi. Turn RIGHT onto WHITTIER RD / NH-113 / OLD RT-25. 0.3 mi Turn LEFT onto TAMWORTH RD / NH-113. 2.0 miles Stay STRAIGHT to go onto CHINOOK TRL / NH-113A, 5.8 mi End at 3094 Chinook Trail

If you see this church, you went too far.

blog katherine sandoz chapel.jpg photographer: unknown

FROM 93:

Turn RIGHT onto NH-104 / NH-132 / BRISTOL-MEREDITH RD. Continue to follow NH-104. 8.5 miles Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto US-3 / DANIEL WEBSTER HWY. 0.8 mi Turn RIGHT onto NH-25 / US-3 / DANIEL WEBSTER HWY / WINNIPESAUKEE ST. Continue to follow WINNIPESAUKEE ST. 0.1 miles WINNIPESAUKEE ST becomes NH-25. 4.6 miles Turn LEFT onto BEAN RD. 4.5 miles BEAN RD becomes SQUAM LAKE RD. 3.5 miles Turn RIGHT onto MAIN ST/WENTWORTH HILL RD/ NH-113. 0.1 miles Turn LEFT onto MAPLE ST / NH-113. Follow NH-113. 3.7 miles Stay STRAIGHT to go onto WHITEFACE RD / NH-113A. Continue to follow NH-113A. 7.3 miles End at 3094 Chinook Trail

When you pass this church,

blog katherine sandoz chapel.jpg

you're almost arrived.