to do list

This list was left on my windshield along with a watermelon strapped into my passenger seat. (Gotta start locking.) I'm no stranger to a list and I suppose mine might look as foreign as this one does to me:


Phone: guess that's settled Title/Title: who knows Taxes: of course DR feel: Dr. Phil or something we don't know about? 2 inch/skiD: protect your drive shaft? Mini EXC: small excavator? G.P: Georgia Power Water: water bill CABLE: bill TRASH: pay for service or take it out Tommy Tuk: A procedure or a person? INC: the magazine or incorporate a business? GUNS: get some or the magazine E-Bay: a place to buy INC, guns?

My husband points out that this list is "quite aggressive for a person who can't spell".

I'm thinking this person, possibly a man, prolly can. Dr. Feel is a Sesame Street spoof and Tommy Tuk might be someone's industry name.

But I'm truly thankful for the entertainment provided prior to my investigating.