tips for emerging illustrators

1. saying "no" to a job is ok: if you're not interested, or a job doesn't seem up your alley, it's better to decline. it will not ruin your career if you do this. in fact, it may guarantee its success. it certainly will save you from "grey disenchantment". 2. small jobs should be treated with equal or more respect than large jobs. you never know who will be looking at the work and/or what connections the art director may have. in fact, the "small" AD may be in charge of vast wealth and be best friends with the AD at the magazine or agency of your choice. with larger jobs, generally speaking, you're already a shoe-in, or a known quantity, and so there is less at stake.

3. if you don't do your best for every job, you're only cheating yourself. most ADs won't bother to prod you to meet or exceed their expectations. they will simply forget you and find another who delights.

4. what you do today is not just for today but for five years down the road. this is "rule no. 1". while no mistake means you are lost on the path, each success augments your likelihood of arrival at your scheduled destination.

5. art directors are like you; they remember.

katherine-sandoz-39-steps-comp.jpg 39 steps (comp detail) mixed media may - june 2011