tintin + chris benz

Since I've got love on the brain, today I'm feeling Frankensteiny and am building the best beau ever. So, for me, it's a hybrid of Tintin and Chris Benz.

Tintin speaks more than 80 languages, is a great traveler, detective and outdoorsman.

Chris Benz, who is funny, but nice, looks unbelievable in Ray Bans, AND can grow an amazing beard (sorry, Tintin). You'd be sure to be wearing the best-made and whipped-up-just-for-you outfits whether you were sippin' juleps in New Orleans or hunting down the most evil villains or (red) herrings o'er the Red Sea.

Oh, and he has the voice of Ray LaMontagne and plays the fiddle like Peter Schwarz.

I'm so pleased with this idea! What a life!