the writer, the artist and the oxford american

One Saturday afternoon in summer 1982 in my friend's white-washed upstairs bathroom, I guessed I'd become a woman while reading The New Yorker. You know, normal, like all 13 year old tweens. It was very monumental and very literary. But all of that and what's occurred since, is nothing, nothing compared to what's happened today!

After having read The Oxford American since 1990, I've finally gone and snuck in the back door of "The Southern Magazine of Good Writing!"! AND I'm collaborating with the extremely rich author and educator Dr. Harrison Scott Key on his extremely funny and well-written blog Big Chief Tablet which is brought to you by a publication someone (at the New York Times) suggested might be "the liveliest literary magazine in America", The Oxford American!

Look at that font! Understand the import of reading the words "the writer" and "the artist"!

It's all so southern and monumental and literary! And online! Exclamation point!