the savannah soap co.

When I read on the store's billboard, "best laundromat in usa", I needed to find out if that were true. Aside from carrying my - surprise- favorite soap, having machines that run at mach 3 (or something like that), the owner, Michael Wine*, apparently learns your name by your second visit.

More importantly, I dropped what I consider a challenging combination of laundry for the wash, dry and fold service. Impressed with the folding and I'm particular, someone had, for the most part successfully, separated the 5T from the 2T clothing. All my napkins (yes, I sent them ALL) were collated!

Aside from the space looking great, the products and the service certainly qualify as first rate. If you are an in-house client, there is an outdoor garden and sitting area where you can enjoy a fancy drink (mango tea?) while you wait the "12 minutes it takes to dry your six loads of laundry" in one of the mega-dryers.

To me, this is what laundry should be. That is to say, I think the Savannah Soap Co. is "best in the USA".

kds sav soap co.jpg

*Mr. Wine, the entrepreneur, has also created a ceiling installation or assemblage installation of vintage washboards and lighting for his receiving area. Go check out all the art.