the landing

One day last year a man delivered a portapotty to my home. Shellman, the man who works next door, said, "You got you a john." "That's right. For the party." Well, he says, "I saw one one time, it was so big, you thought you were at the Landing or the mall." The Landings (it does have an "s" as there is more than one, I guess) at Skidaway Island is pretty fancy, and gated and manicured in the landscape way. My excellent client's dog lives there with its family, of course. Je suis en train de creating a portrait of said puppy. Folks say that dogs and baby portraits are nogo's, but I think not. Always a challenge to make a decent picture; subject should not matter.

So I am using the Island as a backdrop and am currently inspired by Beatrice Alemagna. Brilliant!

blog SHERID PUPPYP no.1.jpg

blog SHERID PUPPYP no. 2.jpg

blog SHERID PUPPYP no. 3.jpg