the force

Here's everything you'd ever want to know about jedi and the power inherent. It's a must-look as my exhibition titled "she may be a jedi" opens in 22 short days and you may wish to know more about it. Miles Hopper Silva gave me the original thought to develop this body of work wherein I thought primarily of the potential of relationships, people and situations. Read my artist statement*, that I didn't write, at the gallery (or later online) to find out more.

While the paint hens fail to find themselves "done", I did hire a graphic designer to plan my postcard and enlisted an art historian* to write my statement. This seemed(s) REAL clever on my part.

Seeing how I drew the pictures already, suppose I can't hire a painter? Just cause I have a lot of gardening ideas that I'd like to execute at once.

blog katherine sandoz cut or crone.jpg detail, in progress, "cut or crone?"

Inside tip to use as artspeak at opening. "You know, this piece is very interesting as Katherine rarely uses the color purple though I do recognize (insert any comment here)."