the fine art of hunting

Immediately, I know some will say, "It's not ART." Au contraire! As with any vocation, if you look, you find examples in droves. If you haven't experienced la chasse, in general, you just wouldn't know. In Georgia, you find evidence of the art of it all around you; in its practice, with conservation issues, and certainly in the way relationships are fostered among men and boys. The handing-down is a gift as are the skills and methods. They are given enthusiastically by all sorts to all sorts. Maybe the sides are camaraderie, knowing succinctly that you are entirely part of the world and I bet there's something to be said for getting a dose of "me-he-man, I brought you supper."

Careful, very critical, principled and full of passion for hunting, I've suggested before, my husband is the real live Hunter Dan. He's passing all this on, especially the last, to our eldest son. I couldn't be happier that they have this time, place and activity to share.

I hope this will be only the first of thousands of photographs of my boys atop an animal. (Never thought I'd write that sentence!) AND first set of snake boots for this five year old.

BIG weekend. BIG buck, too, if you hadn't noticed!


(dhb) iphone, camerabag, italian october 15, 2011

(and happy birthday to horace's older brother; the two have spent uncountable hours together in the woods practicing this art and looking to find just this kind of buck!)