the eds no. 7

Some people are talented, but some people truly apply themselves. I can't even list in the regular "eds" manner because Tim Hussey (who I knew about, but not really) has probably already accomplished the following today: Killed a chicken he raised in backyard. Used blood to make pigments for next über-oeuvre. Applied feathers to a headdress he designed for his (or neighbors') children's costume box. Carved from bones a bracelet and necklace pair for wife/best girl. Used feather husk for quill to pen love sonnets, sketch product ideas, and quick - sent off a few illos, too.

All the while, same hen roasting with vegies & herbs from garden. Supper at 7:00!

(I don't know that he has chickens, wife, children, etc...just say'in. But he works several disciplines nevertheless).

blog katherine sandoz tim hussey.jpg

tim hussey & his pinkie gesso & prismacolor 5" x 8" march (ish) 2008