the eds no. 5

Edwin Snow (1801-1880) lived (in Tamworth) through the first worst winter on record. It's probably what "got him". blog katherine sandoz edwin snow1.jpg

"Almost" record snows currently prevail in northern New Hampshire. Times are tough with your average vehicle resisting operation.

This, however, from one Tamworth resident. If you've never met, or talked to one, you're really missing the Chinook sled; there's something in that there water that makes them all pretty much way above average.

"My John Deere 3320 seems to handle frost heaves pretty well if you keep it in 4WD mid range. It climbed out of a hole on Washington Hill Road in less than 20 minutes using the backhoe attachment as a grappling hook. Getting it upright again was the troublesome part. The green and yellow offer a nice contrast to the dull colors of Bruce Robinson's sand and salt trucks and the all plastic fenders seem to resist corrosion quite admirably. The downside is the price of Diesel fuel at $4.25 but it keeps my teenage son and his girlfriend from being able to drive it to the Burger King in North Conway very frequently. The bucket loader makes it very attractive as a household tool as well. You also have the perfect vehicle for the Fourth of July parade which will be held in August this year because of all the snowbanks that just won't melt in time."

(Penned/typed by Peter VanderLaan, of Guadalupe Glass.)

When I asked him for permission to post his writing, he mentioned that should you have no vehicle at all, you might consider the "two six-pack walk to Wonalancet".

I'd known men to work with the brown liquor in winter, so that "vehicle" was new on me and sounds much preferable to any kinda twelve-pack walk.