the "dingus" vacation

Well, everyone at Tavernier (except the LJT) succumbed to a strange and swift illness featuring the dingus, dizziness and vomiting. Some feel that my husband brought the virus in, but from my view, blog sandoz tavernier view.jpg

theirs seemed less violent, though formidable. Still and yet, great to see friends from Miami and Ohio (not Miami, Ohio...this link VERY interesting)

blog sandoz starfish.jpg

and look out at the turquoise (ish)/aqua water (and the babes).

blog sandoz tavernier raft.jpg

After returning home last light night, today, I visited Dr. Ramon Ramos to learn that David has contracted the herpangina (sounds uglier than it is).

And Horace treated us to a half day of family time.

blog sandoz family time.jpg