the crafty mariner

Today we made a little family outing in the boat. We did get the bait. kds mullet.jpg

And we "almost" caught a slew of big fish claimed our eldest.

On our return, the alarm sounding engine trouble buzzed. Labor day was turning laborious

kds nappers.jpg

as you can't go faster than maybe six miles an hour after the sensor is activated. Out trip home (14 miles) might have taken two but probably three hot bottleless lunchless hours. But my husband "tricked" the system by manually adding oil and we were on plane once again.

kds dan bucey.jpg

Notes: My new camera is working really well. See?

kds fuzzy pic.jpg

And my title for today's post after my friend's book, "The Prudent Mariner". Read it if you want to know more about this area and be engaged at the same time.