the byrd collective

Fortunately for me, I met Ashley Woodson Bailey of The Byrd Collective on the evening of her very first visit to Savannah. I immediately warmed to her storytelling, her smile, and her views concerning art and event planning. During the last fifteen years Ashley has focused on event and floral design, with a stint as a clothing designer, a producer of her own t-shirts (having studied with Alabama Chanin - another fabulously talented and informed woman who does it all) and as a fashion editor.

Clearly she has immersed herself in the design-life. One of my favorite things about her, and possibly her greatest strength, she is a collaborative artist by nature. She reaches out with an eye toward all art and design disciplines. Her floral designs and her event planning reflect this synchronization of personal style and design awareness.

Recently arrived in her new home - Austin, Texas, meet her on November 3 - 5, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the greatly loved & design-aware boutique by george.

She will be arranging florals and discussing eventful concepts. This is one of those "glad you did it" scenarios. You will leave feeling warm, creatively inspired and wonderous-ly satisfied.


source: cory ryan for camille styles for this event.

Ash on facebook. Ash on twitter.