the atlantic: start-up south

It's a complex undertaking endeavoring to write about Sarah Rich and Alexis Madrigal; because there is a lot to consider. Both excellent writers, with a host of other endearing characteristics, the duo, supported by The Atlantic, currently traverses the South meeting and talking with start-ups. What and who starts-up probably changes with the city, but no doubt, this is a trip of a lifetime.

Last night, I joined a number of creative and tech-savvy Savannahians at the Creative Coast. Locals chatted-up about (yes!) start-ups, current projects and also carved pumpkins (yes!) thanks to another stand-up kinda guy Jamie Bowerman.

Here's the first entry about Savannah (from Sarah).

And not to draw attention away from the southern tour, but this project (think writing, art, thinking), LONGSHOT!, also by Sarah and Alexis, really floats my boat! And not only can it float yours, you can actually row for it!


"pablo picasso museum" painted exactly (to the day) 9 years ago while in Antibes mixed media eensy

Happy birthday, Pablo Picasso! you're a BAD dude (both meanings intended).