the artist panel (review) by ampersand

I recently bought a new product (to me) that makes the following claims: better than canvas: Not sure about that. My husband took one look and said, "Giclée." I did have trouble making my paint stand higher than the profile of the canvas and did experience some tearing (see over eyebrow and on cheek, on the left side (our left). My wife took a look after I'd gotten some paint down and she said, "Giclée." This is probably not a compliment in either spouse's estimation.

superb brush control: The substrate did give some rendering assistance in the way that it accepts paint, but overall, the canvas and its treatment was a tad slick for my taste. I think it could be better with some additional clear gesso. I did not attempt using oils on this surface.

brighter and truer colors: This is difficult to judge. Are the colors truer and brighter than my own use of color?

enjoy painting even more: Is this possible??? I did enjoy painting this image, but then my subject was good, I like to paint even if on index cards or cardboard and who can say what "even more" means. It wasn't a mind boggling experience, not a "greatest discovery yet", but I'd try this product again.

overall: The best attribute stems from the fact that this "canvas" is dressed on panel and a deep profile, pre-finished cradle. That does make the claim of "value" entirely true.

katherine sandoz the artist panel.jpg

katherine sandoz matt hebermehl.jpg

acrylic on panel 8" x 8" work in progress (both the subject and the painting, right?)