thanksgiving 411

In 1621, these dudes probably didn't wear all black, black shoes with buckles and those hats. The Native Americans, the Wampanoag in Plimoth (now Plymouth), reportedly did wear some kind of loin cloth. This I also find doubtful. Even in November, Massachusetts is cold. Cold enough for pants and shirts. One thing we all agree; most likely many wore leather whether native or new to the area. So when David's school invited him to dress as a pilgrim (even these folks didn't call themselves the "p" word) or a native American for his/their/our celebration of the holiday, I opted for the squirrel hunter outfit (kinda hard to see the cull bag that our neighbor made as a young child). I figured the squirrels were available (most of the food we now eat was not) and edible...even then.

katherine sandoz dcb thanksgiving outfit.jpg