telfair art fair: 11-11-11

BIG day! Lots of 11's and a nearly full moon. Also, tonight the Telfair Art Fair Arty Party and the kick-off of the weekend's events. Here's the time-lapse of the hen house which is now standing on President Street between the Telfair and the Trinity United Methodist Church.

Thank you to everyone who helped me during the last year while I planned and worked toward this event:

Horace Loml Guerry Lumber the filipina Fabio Silva #savannahartists especially:
Troy Wandzel, Matt Hebermehl & James "DR Z" Zdaniewski Ellsworth-Hallett Newfield Construction ari & her chickens Julie Allen
The Telfair
The Byrd Collective Rebecca Gardner SCAD Atwells Art & Frame Del Love Will Wheat The Wheat & Beam Family
and the babysitters!