"tahoe hybrids" at pinnacle gallery

"tahoe hybrids" opened Friday, May 9th at SCAD - The University for Creative Careers 's Pinnacle Gallery (Liberty & Habersham). The exhibit, curated by Aaron Levi Garvey, features paintings inspired by last year's trip to Lake Tahoe.  Many thanks to former student, studio assistant and now colleague and collaborator Ahren Hertel for putting me on the spot.  I'm thrilled to be showing these works and in my favorite SCAD gallery.

On the west wall (natch) hangs an 8' x 20' piece consisting of five panels that explore the Sand Harbor site and (wait for it) paint. ( It's almost as big as Lake Tahoe.) The remaining walls show works from two additional series created over the last thirteen months.

A quote from the SCAD exhibitions site:

These works comprise an in-depth examination of the area’s rocky terrain, crystalline waters and picturesque skyline. The exhibition includes studies on panel, works on canvas and a monumental paneled mural created specifically for the exhibition at SCAD's Pinnacle Gallery. sandoz has described this body of work as a "bridge in her trek to minimalism."

Open until August 3rd, the reception date is June 27th.  Please stop by the gallery at Liberty and Habersham if you are downtown for a stroll or on a visit from distant locales.