swine of the times

A slightly fatigued, working, but relatively happy mother of two ventured to the grocery store with her infant son in tow. The shelving and freezer sections shocked the woman - literally. Then one of the two people wearing white masks (that she noticed) told her in a crone-like voice, "You shouldn't bring your baby to the grocery store. I just got over the swine flu." "I'm so sure," thought the not-so-young shopper who was having a 1980's speech day. "There are totally no Georgia cases so far. You shouldn't bring your crazy self to the Publix." Instead, the post-partum female rolled her eyes à la fourteen year olds and walked away. She is 40.

Cake-topper: when the woman complained to the manager about the electrical charge on like everything all he said, "That's probably static electricity."

(Well, duh.)

"Right, " she scowls. "What you need to say is: I'm sorry about that, ma'am. I will call corporate (or look into it)."

I hate grocery stores. Really. The management training programs are clearly pitiful. Remember the bathroom wars at the not-right Kroger? But I guess the material is good.

katherine sandoz illustration swine flu.jpg