sweet and vicious

Libbie Summers' new book "Sweet & Vicious" with photographs by Chia Chong launched March 25th.  This rich chef-d'oeuvre offers recipes, writing and just-right ridiculousness on every page.  And you may delight in the the styling and photographs, of course. As one of several Savannah creatives who contributed to the production, I designed and printed these Napoleon Bonaparte baguette sleeves to my great amusement. Before becoming an artist (term used loosely), long ago, one of my favorite doodles - Monsieur Bonaparte.  Loved everything about him as a teen and young adult;  his sculpted profile, his filth, rogue-like behavior, stick-to-it-ness, his bigger-than-life-little self.  I mean, French with a Corsican accent? The military prowess? Even the egomania - fine with me.   He was and is completely sweet and vicious (and instructionally sound) at once!