sunday times

(SAVANNAH, Georgia & THE WORLD) Reports of family outing to the Starbucks, the Lowe's (we must shop here because Mr. Nardelli left the Home Depot and it's a train wreck for sure). blog fam @ lowes.jpg

and the PetSmart (help me; people arrive wearing pajamas). Unseasonably warm weather. Gnats make (weak, but obvious) appearance. Progress in the studio and the garden(s).

blog hollyhocks.jpg

David learns that he can make things do things.

blog wooden piece rolls.jpg

Working on a portrait of a woman who loves pink.

blog gardner sketch detail1.jpg

Hosted an "outside" party complete with hotdogs, cole slaw, beans, chips & dip, and s'mores. "Cooked" over the fire. Que Americana!

Z 28, M 11, N 8 & one would come in at 3, but took the pee test yesterday, said no, so she has a hangover instead.

Two sisters stay/sleep in hotels this weekend (one in one of the Grands, one in midtown NYC). I clearly am not. My 15 year old sister better not be.

Strange and stinky mushrooms that look as though they belong under the sea populate my mulch patches.

blog stinky mushrooms.jpg