story telling

a. Do not lead with "This is so scary!" (or this is so cool, funny, etc.) Visual designers/artists allude, hint, describe or illustrate, but we do not declare. Declaring is for the viewer as in, "Omigosh, that was SO funny." In other words, SHOW me, don't tell me. b. Use the elements and principles as well as any number of strategies* to support building the case toward, "This is so fill-in-the-blank".

c. Below I have employed

  1. repetition of shape: triangle - this would make even better sense if what was scary was a triumvirate
  2. repetition of line: moves the viewer throughout the composition
  3. low color chroma: while not naturalistic it suggests eeriness or "not normal"
  4. isolation of color: the red, to pull the viewer into the center of the image, but red - scary! or at least blood-like - which is SCARY!
  5. skewing: in his gesture, away and of course, omg!
  6. omission: I leave the right side of the composition empty. What is out there????
  7. value/ higher contrast: around his face and his expression to hold the viewer there longer
  8. exaggeration: aaaaah! nobody's eyes look like that!
  9. rhythm: a series of small objects embedded in medium shapes and larger shapes which as an abstract, one could argue, looks toothy, maybe even menacing

In the end, we hope that all that we have included supports our concept or story. Some of these items we can defend as supporting the picture and its ability to attract the viewer. But our best projects will be good looking (or even "cool" but we don't get to say that, the viewer does) and show the exact thing we hope to have the viewer say upon leaving our "work".

The most important thing you can do is know what you want someone to exit with before you create and then build a case toward that eventuality! Then instead of saying your project is "cool" you will be able to say, "My project is a study in pattern, color, repetition and centers conceptually on the trials and tribulations (or successes) of fill-in-the-blank." The listener will think, "How cool!"

And one last thing: No relying on word bubbles or text blocks to communicate your idea!

*need to make a post about some of these katherine-sandoz-scary.jpg