star date 6 months

On December 4th, by the moon, my son turned six months. I never know how to tell time (not clock time, but passage of time). When pregnant, I never knew how little or how much. But on the 11th of December, the number, David is six months old. He "discovered" water and drank from faucet downward facing dogs under breakdancing; "worms", and spins, but on his chest crawled four "steps"...a few nights ago drinks his own bottle says dadadada and tikkitikkitikki scratches his head like a monkey with arm over head sits "alone" blows saliva bubbles grabs his stuff helps with diaper changes listens to folks on the telephone doesn't sleep as much hugs & kisses (open mouthed) laughs eats remote control prefers plastic lids and wooden spoons over toys sticks out his tongue on command grabs feet on command weighs 19.2 pounds (75%) is 27.5 inches long (90%) has a big head

doesn't seem to mind much that his mother gets her hair done at dinner parties

blog hair at vieves.jpg