spoonflower/boba submission

I've entered a contest held by spoonflower and boba, a baby carrier manufacturer - American made, y'all! The theme is "nature" and the pattern should appeal to women and men alike. Since my husband is one of the manlier people I know, I asked for his help. He wanted the darker tile and to have the colors be even lower in contrast. I submitted the lighter version as I think women make these purchases and they are probably the voters. This is a voting situation. (and I will be soliciting votes at the beginning of March). I don't think I've ever run for anything (with a voting component), so here goes.

Oh, I'm calling mine "dearest cargo". You understand that - both ways.

katherine sandoz light tile.jpg (what I submitted)

katherine sandoz dark tile.jpg (what I didn't submit, but what it could look like)

katherine sandoz dearest cargo fabric1.jpg

(how the fabric could look)